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 ACT Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic Mercedes Sprinter- high visibility markings - Ambulance Visibility - - John Killeen

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PDF Icon3rd Annual EMS Safety Summit Presentation CLICK HERE  
PowerPoint presentation – Denver, Colorado (2.67Mb)
13-15 October 2010
PDF IconOn Reflection – Thinking outside the box  CLICK HERE    NEW!
A toolkit for safer emergency vehicle markings
Article Part 1 – Colorado EMSAC Star 2011 (1.3Mb)
PDF IconEvaluating new trends in emergency vehicle markings  CLICK HERE   NEW!
Advertising agency visibility, battenburg markings and the chevron debate
Article Part 2 – Colorado EMSAC Star 2011 (1.05Mb)
PDF IconA Ten-point toolkit for effective warning lights  CLICK HERE NEW!
Guidelines for designing emergency vehicle warning lights
Article Part 3 – Colorado EMSAC Star 2011 (1.3Mb)

Colour, Markings & Warning Lights for Emergency Vehicles CLICK HERE
A safer workplace or a flawed corporate vision!
PowerPoint presentation (1.6Mb)
Australian College of Ambulance Professionals Conference 2005
PDF IconEnhancing the Value of Reflective & Conspicuity Markings on Emergency Vehicles CLICK HERE
American Society of Safety Engineers – Transactions Journal, Volume 8, Issue 1
October 2008 journal article by John Killeen (1.39Mb)
Emergency Vehicles Visual Warning Bulletin, February 2008 CLICK HERE
A quarterly E-Bulletin with the latest information (1.16Mb)
PDF IconVisibility Issues Presentation , 7 November 2008 CLICK HERE
Ambulance Transport Safety Summit – Washington DC
Transportation Research Board of the National Academies of Science
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Manitoba (Canada) Sprinter Ambulance Trial CLICK HERE   NEW!
PowerPoint Presentation
A comprehensive outline of the new Canadian Sprinter ambulance design
Provided with permission of Randall Newman – Manitoba Emergency Health Officer (2.4Mb)
PDF IconLINK – Emergency Vehicle Conspicuity and Visibility Study – CLICK HERE 
US Department of Homeland Security & FEMA 
Latest visibility report issued in August 2009
PDF IconA brief synopsis – FEMA Visibility & Conspicuity report – CLICK HERE 
Presented by John Killeen (Ambulance Visibility)
EMS Safety Foundation via webinar on 10 September 2009 
PDF IconAirport fire vehicle visibility & colour comparison imagesCLICK HERE  
Conspicuity between yellow-green and red fire vehicles seen across the airfield
Permission from Airservices Australia – Mark Parsons, Bruce England & Simon Grafton
pdf iconMuskoka redesigns ambulance exteriors with safety in mind CLICK HERE   
Article discussing the approach used to redesign Muskoka EMS vehicle markings
Authors: Terri Burton, Kevin King, Vince Tremblay and Murray Trefry
Printed in Canadian Emergency News – November 2009 (with permission of Terri Burton)

TRB Safety Summits 2008 & 2009
LINK to the Ambulance Transport Safety Summit 2009 – CLICK HERE  
LINK to the TRB summit Agenda 2008 CLICK HERE  
LINK to the Ambulance Transport Safety Summit 2008 DOWNLOADS CLICK HERE
LINK to the TRB summit Agenda 2008 CLICK HERE
LINK to the Biosketches of the presenters 2008 CLICK HERE
Contain all the presentations and a full recording of the TRB Summit seminar
Links will open to Nadine Levick’s (TRB Sub-commitee Chair) Objective Safety website

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  • The research CD mentioned in the bulletin is no longer available in the public domain.

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