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 ACT Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic Mercedes Sprinter- high visibility markings - Ambulance Visibility - - John Killeen

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Technology Partnerships & Sponsorships
Ambulance Visibility provides corporate sponsorship to NETS (NSW) as well as maintaining strong informal partnership links with global organisations. These unabridged knowledge pathways ensure the rapid transfer of public information and any new research or technology developments that are released within the worldwide emergency response arena. These international partnerships enable the referral of important knowledge directly to their regional organisations where in the past these smaller organisations may have been overlooked.
Please note that only unclassified material is exchanged – all corporate, client and classified technical information remains subject to normal business confidentiality agreements and this information continues to be secure at all times.

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Objective Safety LLC –
Objective Safety is dedicated to EMS safety awareness and enhancing injury prevention and control.
EMS Safety Foundation –
The EMS Safety Foundation’s mission is to increase the safety of pre-hospital care and transport for the patient, the provider and the public. The Foundation’s emphasis is on knowledge transfer from disciplines such as transportation systems engineering, vehicle design, human factors and ergonomics, to enhancetransport practice and policies. To accomplish this mission the Foundation identifies safe practices, conducts research into improving the safety this transport, and disseminates this information broadly. Funding for the Foundation comes from Corporate, Philanthropic and individual sponsors and membership.
Global EMS Forum –
The Global EMS Forum is a gathering together of like-minded health care professionals and providers caring for patients in the fields of pre-hospital, out-of-hospital, ambulance and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) from diverse environments who believe that the interests of these patients are best served by shared experience, knowledge and practice between providers from different systems globally. The aim of this collaboration is to improve the care that can be provided to save life and prevent further injury or illness, and caring for those who are in urgent need.

John Killeen is a member of the EMS safety Foundation Technical Expert Panel and a frequent presenter on the Global EMS Forum webinars streamed live across the world.

National Safety Agency Ltd – Melbourne NSA Logo
The National Safety Agency is a not-for-profit, incorporated company, governed by a board of directors who each have collective experience in the development of technology related products for public and private industry. NSA was created as a platform to introduce new and innovative technology into the Local, State and Federal government, specifically within the Emergency Services, Public Safety and Security sectors: NSA Website –
John Killeen has maintained close ties with the NSA since 2006 and speaks at the affiliated Association of Public Communications Officials (APCO) conference each year.
APCO Australasia website – CLICK HERE NEW!
NSA Vehicles
Photo courtesy of NSA

Ambulance Visibility is a SPONSOR
to the
Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Service
(New South Wales – Australia)
Ambulance Visibility provides on-going sponsorship, technical advice and support to the NETS team based in Sydney and servicing New South Wales from the regional centres.
Established in 1979, NETS provides a mobile emergency service for babies and children across NSW and the ACT who need intensive care. The slogan ‘Moving Intensive Care for Kids’ reflects three characteristics of the service; rushing intensive care toward sick children, transporting a child receiving intensive care on the move and finally, a reference to the emotive impact of the process on families.

NETS is staffed by a dedicated team providing expert clinical advice, clinical co-ordination, stabilisation and emergency treatment and retrieval for very sick children; 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The NETS website is

Ambulance Visibility has just finished designing a new high-visibility livery for NETS vehicles. The latest Mercedes Sprinter ambulances specially fitted out for the retrieval of seriously ill newborns and children are now on the road displaying the new design. A new Holden sportswagon in the new livery is working on-road as well.

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