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Emergency vehicle conspicuity research on livery, warning lights and
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 ACT Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic Mercedes Sprinter- high visibility markings - Ambulance Visibility - - John Killeen

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Visibility Issues

Limitations of siren warnings – CLICK HERE
The improved soundproofing in new cars has reduced the effectiveness of sirens as a warning device – read why this has happened. 
Human visual response under construction
This discussion about the nature of human vision, spectral sensitivity, field of view, colour-blindness and age-related deterioration of the eye will demonstrate that the world is not just as you see it!
The influence of colour – under construction
Colours are everywhere, but only some colours enhance emergency warning visibility. 
Visual perception – under construction
The length of time taken by drivers to recognise an emergency vehicle and plan safe avoiding action relies on the brain interpreting complex visual signals. 
Visibility, conspicuity and visual effects – under construction
A high level of contrast between the emergency vehicle and its environment is the most important attribute for conspicuity and whether a vehicle will be quickly seen & recognised or overlooked by other drivers. 

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