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Vehicle Colour
Police Cruisers – Black & White
Police cars going back to classic Black & White
Kenworthy, T. – USA Today
Black & White and seen all over
Sullivan, J. – Comments on Seattle Times article by Stephen Solomon – 10 March 2007
Factors to consider when running Code 3 – Part 2
Molnar, J. – LawOfficer Magazine – 31 August 2008
Black & White and Visible
Kanable, R. – Law and Order magazine, July 2006 
Keeping officers safe on the road
Pearsall, B. – National Institute of Justice journal
Performance analysis of squad car lighting, retroreflective markings and paint treatments to improve safety at roadside traffic stops*
Fischer, J. Kzmarzick, K. Menon, A. Shankwitz, C. – May 2012

Other vehicle colours
An investigation into the relationship between vehicle colour and crash risk
Newstead, S. D’Elia, A. – Monash University – May 2007 
Enhancing motorcycle conspicuity – emergency response and roadside
Killeen, J. – Ambulance Visibility Blog – May 2010
Lime-yellow Fire trucks safer than red – A conclusion from four years of data
Auto and Road User Journal – February 1977
Car colour and safety
AAA Foundation – July 2004
Motorcycle accident cause factors and identification of countermeasures*
Hurt, H. Ouellet, J. Thom, D.
Which colors best catch your eyes: A subjective study of color saliency
Ebrahimi, T, Galasca, D. Tomasic, D. 
Investigation of the relationship between vehicle color and safety 
Owusu-Ansah, S – May 2010
OPP targets vehicle safety 24/7
Huffman, T – Article in The – 16 March 2007
The Green Fire Truck Heresy
Simon, S – article in LA Times, 7 July 1995
Little Lime Yellow Schoolhouse Silly as Fire Truck that’s not red
Weller, S – Article in The Sun Sentinel. 20 June 1985
Red Fire Apparatus: An accident waiting to happen, or just a good financial position?
Sorensen, B – Omaha Fire Dept. – June 2001 
70’s Throwback: Lime yellow fire truck fade out
Thompson, J. – Fire Rescue 1 – 10 June 2010
Vehicles and Vulnerable Groups*
Vehicle colour, Motorcyclists and accident trends 2004
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