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Emergency vehicle conspicuity research on livery, warning lights and
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Effects – Wake effect, Moth effect etc   
Seeing the Light – the science of choosing proper emergency lighting for patrol cars*
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Moth effect – p22
Conspicuity and retroreflective materials
Federal Highways Adminsitration Lecture
The Wake Effect – Emergency vehicle related collisions
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Is the Moth Effect real?
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Evaluating warning sound urgency with reaction times
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Are vehicle accidents caused by emergency sirens?
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An Analysis of Ambulance Accidents in Tennessee
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Svallvagskrascher “The Wake Effect”
Article in Swedish
Use Google Translate –
Emergency ambulances on the public highway linked with inconvenience and potential danger to road users
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The Design Development of a Mobile Alert Device for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
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Wake Effect pp 6-7
Fatal attraction: ‘The moth effect endangers motorists, police’
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