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IMpressions Markings

Battenburg Markings
Swedish trial of Batternburg pattern on highway work vehicles
Forstarkt utmarkning av vaghallningsforden med SK Battenburg monster
Johan Granlund, Stefan Hedlof and Tommy Nilsson – May 2008
Swedish original version – PDF 1.3Mb CLICK HERE
Reinforcement markings on road maintenance vehicles with UK Battenburg patterns. 
Evaluation of the speed reducing effect. 
Johan Granlund, Stefan Hedlof and Tommy Nilsson – May 2008
English translation – PDF 1.3Mb – CLICK HERE

Battenburg Markings    

High Conspicuity Livery for Police Vehicles*

Harrison, P. – Home Office, Police Scientific Development Branch 2004  
High Conspicuity Livery for Police Motorcycles*
Harrison, P – Home Office – Police Scientific Branch;2006
Specification for the Livery on Police Patrol Cars*
Thomas, A – Home Office – Police Scientific Branch 1998
Impact Assessment of The Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations amendment covering
reflective markings on emergency vehicles
UK Department of Transport -2008
Wartime photograph of Battenburg pattern on airfield control vehicle
Smith, James D  date unknown
Rev Counter Forum – Hazardous Conclusions discussion*
Multiple posts on Battenburg testing – December 2007
Visor Down Forum – Use of Retro-reflective tapes  
Multiple posts on Battenburg effectiveness
An analysis of looked but failed to see accidents involving parked police vehicles*
Langham, M. Hole, G. Edwards, J. O’Neil, C – School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, University of Sussex 2002
New Zealand police vehicles move to a single livery
Ten One magazine, March 2008
Police motorcyclists keen to be seen.
Teesdale Mercury article, 1 May 2008
Principles in Prominence
Public Affairs Review: Home Affairs 16 – November 2007
Explanatory Memorandum
Consultation on proposed amendments to the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations to provide for conspicuity markings on heavy goods and DVA enforcement vehicles and to Lighting/Construction and Use Regulations to allow the use of blue lamps/sirens on emergency vehicles
Department of the Environment UK – November 2010 – CLICK HERE

Case study – Improving the conspicuity of high risk vehicles through ergonomics and design
Loughborough University
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