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During 2008, John Killeen worked closely with Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting, a division of Airservices Australia. During the construction of the new Mark 8 Rosenbauer fire vehicles the decision was made to introduce a new high-visibility livery colour that could be seen over long distances and in all types of weather at airports throughout Australia. The earlier generations of aviation fire vehicles had been painted signal red and carried a chequered blue & yellow waistband. The new vehicles are painted yellow-green and are striped with highly reflective flourescent yellow-green markings and will replace the older red vehicles during a transition period. Tests have clearly proven that the new colour easily outperforms the old red colour on the airfield.
Airservices Australia is a Government owned organisation responsible for the safe and efficient management of air traffic across 11 per cent of the world’s air space. Services include air traffic control, airspace management, aeronautical information, radar communications, radio navigation aids, aviation maintenance and engineering, environmental management and aviation rescue and firefighting.
Airservices website:
ARFF Services Aviation Fire Fighters fight fires in aircraft and buildings at airports, provide rescue and first-aid services for aircraft passengers and crew, provide technical advice on fire safety and assist in educating users about fire fighting and safety. Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) employs 650 staff and provides Aviation Fire Fighting services to 21 locations within Australia.
To view a map of the ARRF stations – CLICK HERE
Media Release – CLICK HERE  
More photos shortly!
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