Ambulance Visibility
Emergency vehicle conspicuity research on livery, warning lights and
high visibility markings - photos, technical information & newsletters by John Killeen  

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 ACT Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic Mercedes Sprinter- high visibility markings - Ambulance Visibility - - John Killeen

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Emergency Service Organisations – Australia

Links to all Australian States & Territories Emergency Services legislation
University of New England – Emergency Service Law Blog by Michael Eburn

National Agencies & Organisations
Australian Federal Police:
Emergency Management Australia:
Australian Maritime Safety Authority – AUSSAR:
Confederation of Ambulance Authorities:
Australian College of Ambulance Professionals:
Australian College of Ambulance Professionals Link page:
Australian Fire and Emergency Services Council:

Australian Capital Territory – Canberra
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ACT Ambulance Service:
ACT Police (AFP):
ACT Fire Brigade:
ACT Rural Fire Service:
ACT State Emergency Service:
ACT Emergency Services Agency:
ACT Government: 

New South Wales – Sydney 
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Ambulance Service of NSW:
NSW Police:
NSW Fire Brigade:
NSW Rural Fire Service:
NSW State Emergency Service:
NSW Government: 

Victoria – Melbourne     
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Ambulance Victoria:
Colac Ambulance Station (independent of Ambulance Victoria):
VIC Police:
Metropolitan Fire Brigades:     
VIC Country Fire Authority:
VIC State Emergency Service:
VIC Government:

Queensland – Brisbane
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QLD Ambulance Service:
QLD Police:
QLD Fire:
QLD State Emergency Service:
Emergency Management Queensland:
QLD Government:

South Australia – Adelaide
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SA Ambulance Service:
SA Fire Brigade:
SA Country Fire Service:
SA Country Fire Service Promotions Unit:
Affiliated Volunteer Information website
SA State Emergency Service:
SA Government:

Northern Territory – Darwin
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St John Ambulance NT:
NT State emergency Service:
NT Tri-Service:
NT Government:

Western Australia – Perth
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St John Ambulance WA:
WA Police:
WA Fire Brigade:
WA State Emergency Service:
Fire & Emergency Services Authority WA:
WA Government:

Tasmania – Hobart 
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Tas Ambulance Service:
Tasmanian Volunteer Ambulance Officers Association:
Tas Police:
Tas Fire Brigade:
Tas State Emergency Service:
Tas Government:
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