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Emergency vehicle conspicuity research on livery, warning lights and
high visibility markings - photos, technical information & newsletters by John Killeen  

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 Ambulance Visibility is an international consultancy specialising in the provision of technical information and practical guidance for emergency service organisations planning or upgrading their vehicle livery, markings or warning lights.

Our primary aim is to increase the level of vehicle safety and further minimise the risk of accident or injury to your staff, clients or other members of the public during the dispatch, incident and return phases of emergency operations. Ambulance Visibility brings an integrated world-leading information knowledge bank combined with comprehensive operational experience to the conspicuity and visibility sector.
  Ambulance Visibility provides the latest technical knowledge and practical industry experience needed to assist your organisation with decision-making in a difficult and confusing marketplace. Over past years the livery and lighting fields have been heavily driven by the more-is-better and bigger-and-brighter dictums actively promoted by suppliers; In reality, this is simply not best practise. Your agency will directly benefit after fitting new research-based livery, markings and lighting solutions onto your emergency or corporate vehicles following recommendations from Ambulance Visibility.
Consultancy Services
Ambulance Visibility is based in Canberra ( Australia) and provides technical services to organisations worldwide. We will tailor a project for small, medium or large organisations, always ensuring that we carefully consider your specific needs. Informal ad-hoc hourly based discussion sessions can be arranged at short notice.  We undertake the following services:
  • Interpretation and analysis of visibility research and information.
  • Visibility assessments of your current fleet, new fleet or upgrade proposals.
  • Multimedia presentations on both the theory and practical application of visibility research.
  • Information sessions and documentation for on-road personnel.
  • Participation at conferences, workshops, seminars and discussion groups.
  • Ad-hoc, contract and subscription based fee structures. 
Please note that Ambulance Visibility is an independent consultancy and does not supply, fit or sell vehicles, reflective materials or warning lights. 
Detailed information?
Please CONTACT John Killeen at Ambulance Visibility for an Executive Summary, our portfolio or further information on services, fees and consultations by email at 
If you are an individual making a private enquiry about visibility issues, this website or the content within the website, then please feel free to CONTACT John Killeen to discuss topics of interest without obligation.  

Questions, comments and feedback are welcomed
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